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Tours in Morocco - Tour the Mountains, Desert and Historical Sites

   Morocco is a land of mystery, a place where the sun is warm and the people are enigmatic. To many it is a far away place where the cry of worship is heard at the rising and setting of the sun and the gentle winds blow sand and water about in a peaceful manner.
The strong culture of Morocco is a lure to many. The beautifully carved wooden furniture, the unusually barred doors and the colorful markets have a timeless appeal. However how do you go about seeing the sights? How do you find your way, decide where to go and what to do? This is where tourism agencies come in.
The mystical lure of cities such as Fez, Marrakesh and Essaouira can easily be experienced for yourself as you tour the country. The famous Casablanca, and the well known city of Tangier are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. All it takes is a simple phone call or perhaps a few clicks of the mouse and you’ll soon find yourself trying to decide what to pack for this most unique destination.

What sort of activities can you expect to enjoy in Morocco? You can take a camel ride across the desert plains, bargain until youhave gone blue in the face at local crafters markets or even go surfing off Morocco’s coast! Nature reserves, beautiful gardens, sparkling rivers and ancient buildings are just a few more possibilities. This is a place where the past becomes the present and history feels alive. See snake tamers ply their trade or watch youthful acrobats dance at festivals. Experience traditional wedding ceremonies with all their glorious splendor in the rural mountainous regions. Ride in land rovers over the demanding dessert or enjoy and traditional meal in the comfort of a top quality local restaurant. These are but a few of the things you can enjoy while on tour. It is obvious that you will find no shortage of things to do here. So contact a tour operator and have a tour tailor-made to suit your desires today!

Morrocan Culture - Experience Centuries of Tradition.

   The almost medieval-like hustle and bustle of Morocco is for most travelers a world away from their own cities and towns. The culture and people are usually so completely different from what they know that they often find themselves in situations to which they have no idea how to react. The following brief explanation of Moroccan art and culture is designed to help you get the most out of your stay in this amazing country.

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The art of this country is truly special. Many historical examples are on display at the local museums. More modern examples are on display at art galleries and in souks. Beware of cheap imitations though! There are so many different ways that the people express themselves – in carpets, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, painting, carving, and calligraphy. They even hold an international art festival once a year to showcase all their talent. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this country, you should consider buying some of the local artwork. Not only will it provide you with a little memento of your trip, but it will help out the local people who are usually quite poor.

Souks are a way of life in Morocco and you usually wont have to go far to find one. You can often get good bargains here, but remember that most Moroccans will have a lot more experience than you will when it comes to haggling the price so you will seldom find yourself able to get better than that which is offered. You may find, if you are friendly and courteous enough, that you will soon start to make friends with the locals. If this happens and you are invited to a meal, it is good to keep in mind some of the local customs. For example, you will usually take off your shoes when entering a house. You can follow your host’s example in this regard. Also it is a good idea to take a gift of some sort with. If you are in a home in the city you might take some pastries or some sugar with you. If you are in the county it would be better to buy a live chicken for the household which is likely to not be quite so well off. A home invitation is perhaps the most authentic way to sample Moroccan dishes. Most Moroccan food is eaten with the hands. If you are invited to join someone for a meal, you should always eat with the right hand as the left is supposed to be used for the toilet.

Any plans to visit mosques will usually meet with failure as these are considered to be very holy places that only Muslims are allowed access to. Though this is allowed in other parts of the world, the closest you will likely get to the inside of a mosque in Morocco is if you visit some ruins or disused mosques such as Tin Mal and Smara. Most other monuments are on view to the public for a price and you can also observe certain celebrations such as the Imichal wedding Fair.

When taking photographs of the local people, it would be wisest to ask their permission. Taking a photograph of someone with out their permission – especially in rural areas – can cause offense. This may result in them demanding money from you – even if you only intended to take a scenic shot of something. In contrast, taking photographs of someone you have become friendly with is usually very welcome. Often people with whom you’ve become acquainted will take you to a place where they can get a photograph taken with you for themselves. You should not be unfriendly about this as it usually does not result in you paying for the picture or any further harassment.

   Traditionally the men take to the streets and the women are in control of their homes. This means that you will not often find woman in cafés or restaurants. If you are a woman and you strike up a friendship, you will likely be invited to the person’s home or to a hamman (bath) for further association. On the other hand, if you are a man or a man and woman traveling together, you will likely be invited into a café for some tea or a meal.

   In general, Moroccan culture can be an exiting and worldly experience. The people are friendly and the place is colorful. Hospitality is really a part of their culture so you can strike up friendships virtually anywhere if you have the right attitude. Usually this results in further association with these dynamic and interesting people and a real taste of Moroccan life.

Trekking - A Fantastic Way to Explore Morocco's Mountains and Deserts.

   Though not everyone may view the physical effort involved as being something pleasant, there is definitely something to be said for the way that trekking allows you to experience a foreign country such as Morocco. Taking your time to walk from place to place can open your eyes to the beauty of a landscape or give your mind time to meditate on the culture or people that you have just experienced. It gives your travels a leisurely, comfortable pace and helps you make the most of your time spent on holiday.

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   If you plan to spend time trekking in Morocco, you should take note of the fact that the landscape is varied and may range from high mountains to vast deserts. Annual snows in higher-lying areas provide certain parts of the country with plenty of water so, while you may find yourself parched with thirst on one hand, you can also find yourself well shaded and hydrated in one of the many cultivated valleys to be found here. These unusual contrasts are part of what make the Moroccan landscape as unique and special as what it is and, if you are up for the challenge, a trek up the Atlas Mountains will have you gasping for breath and looking for your camera. Of course trekking companies will usually make the experience as pleasant as possible, providing mules to carry luggage and equipment and professional guides who can give you incredible insight into this intrinsically beautiful country. In fact, staff make the night camps as comfortable as possible and in some cases you may not feel that you are even ‘roughing it’ at all.

   Trekking in Morocco is definitely one of the better ways to explore the world of the mountain Berber tribes. These tribes have always lived in remote parts of the country and are relatively unaffected by other civilizations and global trends. Life is simple here – with woman gathering at the wells to draw water and shepherds tending their flocks on the mountainsides. The pace of life is slow but generous and the people seem rested and whole. Trekking not only makes you privy to their lifestyles but also helps you to understand that there is pleasure in simplicity and that family is important no matter where or how you live. So take a trek in Morocco and discover a whole new soul-searching approach to travel.


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