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Tours Organiser in   Morocco.   especially in the  Mountains .If   you are coming to Morocco, we can guide you to the must-see places. To know more about us click  here.

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It is possible to customize your own trip in Morocco, to know more about this option, just click here!

About Us

    We offer you escape urban Berber. Enjoy views and know the Berber traditions. You can also visit the villages, We invite you to join us in our Tours.

   Visitors to the country can Discover magnificent beaches of fine sand along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, vast fertile plains, green hills, sand Dunes, deserts and snow-topped desert. Morocco's monarchy is one of the oldest in the world. This remarkable continuity has enabled the country to establish a unique civilization and an extremely rich culture.

Mohamed AIT TALEB : Co-founder and Managing Director
Mohamed is the co-founder of Toubkal traveling and has been working in tourism for the past xx years. Mohamed was born and grown up in High Atlas mountains at the feet of Mountain Toubkal. He was on the top more then ... xxx times, in the summer with his walking boots and in winter with his tour ski's. Mohamed knows the Moroccan mountains from Toubkal to M'goun, Siroua, Jebel Saghro and more. His work is divided between leading tours and managing operations from the office.

LAHCEN : Cooker
LAHCEN is  Multi-functional and multi-talented, xxxx cooks a mean tajine and different Moroccan foods. He is a superb organiser and "fixer". He is a big man with a big personality and he always brings a cheery atmosphere to the groups he accompanies. He knows the mountains like the back of his  hand and is exceptionally adept at sourcing all manner of obscure items in far-flung places.

Brahim : Bike Mechanic
Brahim runs a small motorbike and bicycle repair stand on the streets of Marrakech. He work all time for us in our workshop and accompanies many of our cycling groups on multi-day tours. A more genuinely nice, and more hard-working chap would be extremely hard to find. It would also be hard to find anyone who can change an inner tube quicker!

Omar : Mules guide
To have a beautiful trip, it's necessary to have someone who take care with your bagage all the long of your trip, Omar, is a mules guide who lead mules in the mountains, Omar is more hard-working chap would be extremely hard to find.


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